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Fremont Older - June 20, 2009

Distance: 10.6 miles Ascent: 1806 feet Moving time: 1:30 hours

I had only a short amount of time, so I did a quick ride at Fremont Older. Nothing notable about that since I have been there many, many times. What is notable is some evidence that I am getting in better shape.

The first bit of evidence was on Ranch Road. This trail, which bisects Seven Springs Loop, is a straight shot to the top of Seven Springs near Hunters Point. It starts off going up hill and increases as it goes. First it is a 10% grade, then it increases to about 20% and then to 30%. Steep! The last few feet are very steep and the main concern is keeping your weight forward on the nose of the saddle and keeping some forward momentum. It is usually too much and I end up having to walk. As a result, I don't usually ride this short trail to avoid the demoralizing effect. I decided to try it again and I finally made it! I discovered that I can remain upright at a speed of well under 2 mph, but I made it.

I also rode the length of Toyon from north to south (the opposite direction of usual). There are a few steep climbs here, but the real challenge is at the very end where there is another very steep slope. I made it up this one to the top where I had to stop for a closed gate.

The rest of the ride was uneventful, but I was glad to have made two tough climbs.

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