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Fremont Older - December 30, 2010

Distance: 11.6 miles Ascent: 1,465 feet Moving time: 1:31 hours

I must still be in the holiday spirit. Like Old Saint Nick, I was hauling a big load, looked old, and hadn't been out in a while. I didn't have the advantage of having a team of reindeer to pull me, but I didn't have the time pressure that he does so I guess it evens out.

It was a little brisk (about 50 degrees when ), so I put a pair of tights on over my "summer wear" and headed out. I started out OK but started noticing the remaining "holiday spirit" as I started climbing. I decided it was best to just hold a steady pace and keep moving ahead rather than beat myself up trying to race up the hill. In spite of all the recent rain (and it has been raining a lot), most of the trails were in pretty good shape. The south end of Coyote was soft, wet and really chewed up by the horses making riding very difficult, but other than that there were only puddles. I was pretty impressed. Maybe some of the trail work the MROSD team did in the summer worked as intended.

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