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2010 Year in Review

Distance: 1,594 miles Ascent: 262,783 feet Moving time: 210.3 hours

I had a pretty good riding year in 2010. I was not quite as gung ho as 2009, but it was a better year overall for me. My riding time was cut short when I returned to work. This had the dual effect of reducing my riding time and decreasing my overall fitness as I replace riding and yard work with typing as my preferred exercise. Adding a bit of weight served as a "training aid" on the long hill climbs. In spite of all of this, I still had my second best riding year in terms of distance, ascent and good rides. I think that my "riding therapy" was just what I needed, though perhaps I didn't need quite that much therapy.

A good riding year depends on more than one component, so it is no surprise that 2010 had several interesting components:

  • People
    • Ken, Don and Anna: We kept at it throughout the year, riding pretty much every weekend. We seem well matched in terms of interests and skills (more or less) and priorities, so this has worked out very well for all of us. These guys made riding a lot more fun, pushing me when I needed to be pushed, congratulating me on minor accomplishments, suggesting some new locations and sharing lots of laughs. Thanks!
    • Mike and Marion: I met Mike and Marion while riding at Pogonip. They looked a bit lost, so we stopped to give them some trail advice. They said that they had just started riding here and asked if they could follow us. They ended up riding with us pretty much every weekend. We had a good time showing them all of the trails and trying to coach Marion on some of the techniques (Mike wisely stayed out of this). They have moved on now, but now I have a trail guide available in New Mexico if (or when) I get down that way.
    • Jamey: I got to ride several times with my friend Jamey. I saw him at all of the WWR rides but I also got to ride a few times with him when he also had some "available time." I really enjoyed these rides.
    • WWR crew: My Tuesday night ride group was a lot of fun this year. We had lots of good rides, lots of laughs over beer after those rides, and lots of good natured kidding.
  • Locations
    • Tamarancho: Anna pushed us to go to Tamarancho, so Anna, Don and I headed up to Fairfax to try out a new location. This turned out to be lots of fun. There was lots of singletrack (in fact, bikes are required to stay on the singletrack!) with lots of interesting twists and turns. There were a few skills areas that we played around on. We all had fun there.
    • Annadel: Based on the fun we had at Tamarancho, we decided to try another new location. We packed up everyone and headed to Annadel near Santa Rosa. This is another good location with lots of fun trails and lots of embedded rocks that offer some new challenges.
    • Night Rides: I did several night rides at Canada del Oro and other locations. These rides are lots of fun. I see the trails in a completely different perspective when you can only see what is in my headlight. There are often a lot of animals out and some of the ledge trails seem to drop off into oblivion, making the rides a bit more exciting.
    • May-by-the-Bay: I did MBTB Big Basin ride again this year. In spite of a few mechanical issues before the ride, I caught the group and had a good ride. Unlikely last year's death march, I made with such a close call this year. It was still a lot of work and I was still the slow guy, but I made it.
  • Equipment
    • Bike Hauler: I finally broke down and got a new bike hauler. I replace the antique Camry with a new Infiniti G37. I also gave up the roof rack and bought a hitch-mounted 1Up USA rack to carry the bike. So far, both have worked out fabulously.
    • Tires & Wheels: I switched from tubes to tubeless this year. I wasn't really having problems with the tubes but I wanted to try out the tubeless approach. I got a new rear rim (Mavic 819) and mounted the new WeirWolf TCS 2.3 tires front and back. So far, they are working really well. I haven't been able to run the insanely low tire pressures that some people report...maybe they don't know how to operate a pressure gauge!
  • Other
    • Web Site: I passed 3 million hits on my web site. Actually, I passed 3.1 million hits by the end of the year. At least Google and Bing read my site!

Now I need to find a way to have 2011 top 2010! Stay tuned!

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