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Ride Areas

I have separated the ride descriptions into the individual rides.  In some cases, I may ride through multiple locations which are described separately.  In a few cases, significantly different starting locations may justify a different description even if it touches or overlaps with another ride.  Whatever the reason, I have described the rides in a way that makes sense to me.

I have grouped the rides geographically:

  • Skyline Area: This is the area along Highway 35 (Skyline Road) roughly between Highway 9 (Big Basin Way) and Highway 92.  This area spans parts of Santa Clara County and San Mateo County, but I have grouped these separately because they share the same limited access points, are contiguous or easily connected, and share may geographic features.  Most of these trails are in wooded areas with many relatively steep climbs.
  • Santa Clara County: Trails within Santa Clara County from Mission Peak in the north (mostly in Alameda County) to Coe in the south and Stevens Canyon to the west.  Trails vary from hot and dry to forests and from flat to very steep.
  • San Mateo County: Trails in San Mateo County are slightly easier than some of the others (but still fun), but that is because the more challenging ones are listed in the Skyline Area section.
  • Santa Cruz/Monterey: Just like it sounds, trails in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties.  There are some great trails here.  These are often good places to ride when it is really hot because they tend to be closer to the coast.  That doesn't mean they are lacking in any way.
  • Rest of California: An odds and ends category for more mountain bike rides a bit more distant from home.  Many of these are fun and a change of pace or new trail is always welcome.
  • Road/Multi-Region: Road bike rides. Because more distance is covered, they tend to span multiple locales.

I'll have to add some more categories as I go further out!

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