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Recommended Rides

If you are looking for some suggestions, here are a few rides to consider:


  1. Los Gatos Creek: Paved, pretty flat, easy access, food and ice cream nearby
  2. Don Edwards NWR: Entire trail is very flat and lots of birds.
  3. Wilder: Old Cove Landing and Ohlone Bluff trails overlook the ocean
  4. Pescadero Creek: Old Haul starting from Wurr Road fireroad through the forest
  5. Harvey Bear: Calaveras and Valley Oak trails parallel to the lake
  6. Nisene Marks: Aptos Fire Road up to the first narrow bridge through the redwood forest
  7. Russian Ridge: Ridge along the ridgeline. Great views.
  8. Big Basin: Gazos Creek to Sand Point and back. A bit more challenging than the others.

Short but Fun

  1. Waterdog: Your choice of trails in a very compact park
  2. Fremont Older: Mix of trails very close to homes and jobs
  3. Saratoga Gap: Saratoga Gap to the Christmas Tree farm
  4. Santa Teresa: Up Stiles Ridge, ride to top, down Rocky Ridge. Repeat.


  1. El Corte de Madera Creek: Lots of nice trails with plenty of climbing. Something for everyone.
  2. Soquel Demo Forest: Great rides down through the redwood forest...guaranteed to bring a smile
  3. Pogonip/Wilder: Start in Pogonip and combine trails in both areas. Mmm...tasty!
  4. Flume: Classic Tahoe ride. Bring a camera for the mandatory pictures.


  1. Coe: See if you can take what Coe has to dish out. Lots of climbing. Very hot and dry in summer. Man up.
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