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This road ride is a loop from Pacifica, up and over Skyline and back to Pacifica.

Pacifica Route
Pacifica Elevation
Ride: Pacifica
Date: 7/18/2015
Distance: 58.87 mile loop
Ride Time: ~ 4 hours
Total Ascent: 5,039 feet
Map: See GPS track
Overall Rating: 8


This route is from the Devil's Slide Ride, a charity benefit ride starting in Pacifica. The ride was well organized and a lot of fun.

The route started southward on Highway 1, climbing up a moderate hill to the Devil's Slide Trail. This trail is the old Highway 1, so it is a paved road surface rather than dirt as suggested by the name. Going on the trail avoids the having to go through the new tunnel that, while it might be fun, might be a bit tight with traffic.  Other advantages of the trail are the views, which were quite nice, and fast descent that has no traffic. The trail rejoins Highway 1 at the south end of the tunnel, where we continue riding south through Montara, Moss Beach, El Granada and Half Moon Bay. This is a pretty flat section running parallel to the coast, so you could keep moving pretty fast.

We took a short detour onto Purisima Creek Road and then Verde Road. This had a small hill climb followed by a descent, but was traffic-free. We then continued the trek southward on Highway 1.

The left turn onto Tunitas Creek Road was the last we would see of Highway 1 for quite a while. Tunitas Creek Road is a popular bike climb but this was the first time I had ridden it. After a gentle and peaceful climb through some farms, the grade increased as we entered the forest. The ride was a very pretty ride through the redwoods, but the grade increased substantially (10-20%) for the next 5.3 miles up to the Skyline (Highway 35) junction. The grade is steepest in the middle with a much easier climb past the El Corte de Madera Creek OSP  gates.

All of the climbing was followed by a fast descent down Kings Mountain Road and into Woodside. From there, Canada Road to the Ralston Avenue Walkway over Interstate 280 and  down Polehemus Road, followed by a climb up Crystal Springs Road. It seems like the climb would end at the park entrance, but it actually continues all the way up to Country Club Drive. This takes you back to Skyline, including a short section on Interstate 280 (it was very weird riding on interstate, but that was the official and signed route). A short detour on the the San Andreas trail and then back to Skyline. A left onto Sharp Park Road lets to a short climb followed by a pretty long and fast descent back to Highway 1, where we headed south back to the starting point.

This was a fun ride. It was nice riding along the coast. The climb up Tunitas Creek, while steep, was managable and was very pretty. Canada Road and Skyline were fast. As for the organized event, it was well organized and communicated, the routes were well marked and easy to follow and everyone was very friendly.  I will be doing this again in the future.

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