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Animal Photo Gallery

One of the things I really enjoy is the wildlife I see while riding. When the subject, timing, lighting, trail and momentum permit, I try to snap a picture or two of the interesting critters I run across.  I usually skip things like quail, rabbits and ordinary insects - the types of things one sees all the time - to focus on more interesting subjects.  This gallery has a mix of mammals (deer, coyote, bobcat), reptiles (snakes and lizards), amphibians (newts), birds (hawks, turkeys), insects (butterflys, grasshoppers), arachnids (spiders), arthropods (millipede), and mollusks (banana slugs).  I have seen lots of other things including cougars, bats, owls, fish, weird beatles, lots of different types of birds and other things I have forgotten, but missed getting a good picture of any of these so far.

This is a good sequence of pictures of a successful coyote hunt in Montebello.


Here is the more general gallery of  beasts I have spotted while mountain biking:

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